AIDS epidemic

Something we often forget about is the spreading of HIV throughout the world, particularly but not limited to third-world countries. One of my sister's "job requirements" with the Peace Corps is to promote AIDS awareness, which is an awesome thing she got very involved with at Namibia. One of the controversial directions this goes is in sexual education. A common teaching point is the "ABC's" of HIV and any sexually transmitted disease: Abstinence, Be faithful, and Condoms. I just came across a British Medical Journal entitled Partner reduction is crucial for balanced "ABC" approach to HIV prevention, which is encouraging to me in my belief of the wholesomeness and healthy quality of monogamy. This is not a strong enough response to stand independently against proponents of contraception and pre-marital sex, but it is a rare dose of scientific evidence amidst a sea of moral and religious arguments.

While most of the often polarised discussion surrounding AIDS prevention has focused on promoting abstinence or use of condoms,[w1, w2] partner reduction has been the neglected middle child of the ABC approach.
It seems obvious, but there would be no global AIDS pandemic were it not for multiple sexual partnerships.

- (the journal mentioned above)

The Catholic Church's opposition to condoms is not based on medical studies. Rather, it stems from a profound analysis of the need to integrate sexuality in an exclusive and permanent relationship open to life in the context of marriage. The wisdom of this view is becoming increasingly clearer.

- Zenit News Agency - The World Seen From Rome