Thirsty for Unity

Longest day of sun’s bright light,
shortest night of all dark nights!
Flames of joy leap up, burst in,
burn away the suffering of sin.
Come, rake the fire together
in the light, and find your brother,
serving, with one another,
God, who is unity.

Hate and greed divide men all.
Over earth lies night’s dark pall.
Yet thou cam’st, the world’s true light,
waking men to live aright:
to serve thy kingdom fully,
that injustice give way wholly,
and thy Holy Spirit reign only.
Thy will be done.

O thou never-ending day,
when com’st thou, eternal sun, to stay?
Bring us everlasting peace,
city bright of joy and bliss.
From thee pure radiance streams
as one church, united, gleams.
Its brightness forever streams –
Glory to thee!

Midsummer’s Eve - Else von Hollander