President Bush accidentally allowed to be interviewed by a real journalist

I guess I'm stooping down a bit to post this, but I just really feel the urge to use this to encourage people to check sources, and to be an optimistical cynic. Don't let someone else fashion your opinion for you, fashion it for yourself, taking into account your own values.

BoingBoing brought together this information here. They quoted John Nichols of the Capital Times, Madison, WI. It was a pretty discouraging synopsis of Bush's interview. They also linked to a RealAudio streaming audio link, noting that special software is required and you had to wait 20 minutes to get to the actual interview. If you didn't want to take the extra effort, it seems you were left to rely on Nichols' "summary".

Towards the end of the post, somebody got an MP3 version of the interview. I encourage you to first read Nichols' article and see what he has to say, and then listen to the MP3, comparing the two. BoingBoing does a good job of adding new information to the post as it develops, as long as you stick to checking sources!

I know we all have limited time and energy, and God knows I don't have the time to be doing this checking, but if you're not going to check sources, at least don't base your opinion on the reliability of the information. :-/

OK, enough of that complaining. I have only a half day left before it's road trip to Muncie time, for Anna & Brian's wedding! Lots of family, friends, celebration, and relaxation. :-D