The Inherent Racism Of Population Control, by Paul Jalsevac

A 58-page document, with tons of citations properly referenced, this growing-in-infamy thesis paper popped onto my reading list. Can be downloaded from the link below.
My strong interest in the activities of population control advocates grew during my first visit to the United Nations headquarters in New York during March of 2000. I was fortunate enough on that visit to work with the World Youth Alliance as a lobbyist at a conference on population and development. During this visit I learned much about the efforts of the world’s powerful to control the world’s population.

I was particularly struck by the comments of other lobbyists who noticed that it often seemed that population control activities were aimed at minority populations. I began to wonder if this was mere coincidence or something more.
Chapter I The History of Population Control
The Industrial Revolution and the Enclosure Acts
Malthus’ Final Solution for the Industrial Poor
The Birth of “Scientific” Racism
The Economics of Malthusian Racism
Darwin’s Debt to Malthus
Herbert Spencer’s Social Darwinism
Eugenics: Francis Galton’s Pseudo-Science
The Poor: Enemies of the People
The Super Race: Breeding for Perfection
Flawed Premises : Flawed Conclusions
Eugenics’ Popularity Spreads
Chapter II “Scientific” Racism Takes Root
Eugenics Spreads Throughout the Western World
Famous Names and a Higher Profile
Eugenics Spreads in the United States
Legislated Sterilization: The Beginning of Positive Eugenics in the US
The Teutonic Cult
America Embraces Eugenics
Eugenics in Action in America
A Surprising Alliance: American Money and German Know-how
Chapter III The Population Firm
Margaret Sanger and the New Eugenics
Early Publicity for the Culture of Death
Sanger’s Eugenics in Action - The Birth of Planned Parenthood
Racial Genocide Via The “Negro Project”
Planned Parenthood Takes on the World
John D Rockefeller and Hugh Moore
Malthusianism Becomes Official US Policy
USAID, The UN and The World Bank Join The Population Firm
The Population Firm Today