aye chihuaha

Too much to write. I've done lots of cool stuff, and that's that. I wish I could write it all out here, but it's a question of time, not openness. It's like an uphill battle. I've got the urge to show my world to the occasional surfer or friend, just like all good little bloggers do. But... blogging ain't cutting it. I will continue to do it, but it will be a poor replacement for what I'd like to be posting.

It seems to be directly related, but not connected, to my realization the past few months that I have a misguided tendency towards expanding my quantity of friendships, while assuming I'll have the energy to implicity expand their quality. (to be developed soon, i've realized more)

Somebody somewhere sometime once said something valid about how efficient connections cannot increase in quality infinitely. I forget who, when, and the wording. Probably because I was too spread thin to categorize and organize it.
There are many reasons for the failure to comprehend Christ’s teaching...but the chief cause which has engendered all these misconceptions is this: that Christ’s teaching is considered to be such as can be accepted, or not accepted, without changing one’s life. - Leo Tolstoy