Serenade No. 13 Eine Klein Nachtmusik KV 525 - Rondo - Allegro

Mozart is some great stuff to work to.  A few months ago, I dumped some Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart onto my work machine, and I get a lot done listening to them.  But I never pinned down the fact that all of Mozart's pieces are upbeat, until recently.  Thanks Dad. :)

I'm posting this entry by sending an email to a special address.  I'm kinda curious about whether I'll be able to put my own <i>HTML tags</i> in the email, and also whether the gui formatting toolbar will work as well.  I worry that the other people who use Blurty will find it more difficult to keep up with my blog, but Blurty just seems to be really struggling, and doesn't provide any automated syndication to XML feeds...

So, I plug for BlogLines once again.  It's the new way to read 50 different newspapers in a more efficient manner than you can usually read 1 newspaper.